Our special interview edition of Unfinished Business goes underground into the world of fan films by interviewing Baltimore-based filmmaker and stuntman Dan Poole! Dan is best known for his homemade Spider-Man film, THE GREEN GOBLIN’S LAST STAND, a project intended to be showcase to get on board the unproduced James Cameron film adaptation during the 1990s. But it ultimately gained traction in Comic Cons across the world. We talk to Dan about his experience making the film, the response from fans over the years, his efforts on his indie feature THE PHOTON EFFECT, and his thoughts on the Spider-Man movies in general. Thank you DP for taking the time to speak to you!

*Please note due to Zoom-related technical difficulties, we lost Jeff early on during the interview.

Find out more about Dan at http://www.danpoole.net.

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AMERICAN GUNSLINGERS Interview with Screenwriter Drew Henriksen on Stage Screen & In Between with Helen

Check out this awesome interview with AMERICAN GUNSLINGERS’ multi-award-winning screenwriter Drew Henriksen on this episode of Stage Screen and In Between with Helen Proimos! They discuss and showcase the trailer to our film as well as Drew’s various screenplays and novels that have been honored at numerous festivals.

For anyone who is interested in seeing our American Gunslingers trailer play on the big screen next month, it is going to be shown as part of The Cutting Room International Short Film Festival in NYC. Our screening date has been announced for Saturday, Oct. 19th in the A-Block from 10:30am-12:30am. Tickets are $18 and can be purchased at their website here. Their award ceremony takes places the following evening at 8:30pm.

The Cutting Room venue is at the following address:

The Cutting Room 44 East 32nd Street (btw Park & Madison Ave)
New York, New York