André Joseph Featured in Article for Thrive Global

I had the honor and privilege of being asked to share my thoughts about the current events in our country by my friend, author, and nurse Elena Murzello for her article “Optimism from Oppression” on the website Thrive Global. As one of four people who took part in Elena’s piece, we tackle systematic racial injustice, our feelings about it, and our hopes for where things go from here. Read the full article here and follow Elena on social media @ElenaMurzello.

THE SAXOPHONIST Campaign on Thunderclap

We just launched a campaign for social media boost site THUNDERCLAP. All we need between now and Sunday, July 23 is for 100 people to share this link on Facebook, Twitter, or Tumblr so that we can start trending online and boost donations on NYFA. It doesn’t cost a penny to do! Please support now by going to the following link:

To find out more in depth detail on how exactly Thunderclap works, watch this intro video:

With production beginning just a few weeks away, let me explain why supporting this project will matter. Without your help, it will be extremely difficult to pay for specific location fees for the jazz club and ballet theatre locations in Manhattan. It will also be hard to have a sizable crew to ensure the professional quality that this movie cannot work without. This is my seventh film project since earning my BA in Film: Media Production at Emerson College in 2006. Of any project I have ever worked on, this is the most personal story to share to the world and I want to honor my family as well as the legendary musicians who inspired me to make this film.

Whether you can contribute a sizable amount of money or simply a dollar, all you have to do here is visit our fiscal sponsor website, the New York Foundation for the Arts, to make your donation which is 100% fully tax deductible. Thank you.