Past Skillshare Classes Now Available on Udemy

No Budget Filmmaking for Beginners (For emerging filmmakers)

The Indie Film Exhibition Masterclass (For filmmakers interested in the business side of movies and film festivals)

Short Film and Webisode Screenwriting for Beginners (For emerging screenwriters)

ANNOUNCEMENT: Three of our past Skillshare courses have now successfully been migrated to the online learning website Udemy! Using the coupon code “NOBUDGET”, you can get each online class for 50% off the website price. This promotion ends in 4 days. Additionally, our last Skillshare class INDIE FILM DIRECTING SCHOOL remains available for enrollment until further notice.


Important Announcement About Our Skillshare Classes

For anyone taking our Skillshare courses (No-Budget Filmmaking for Beginners, Short Film and Webisode Screenwriting for Beginners, and The Indie Film Exhibition Masterclass: A Guide to Film Festivals, Marketing, & Distribution) or had interest to enroll in them, we received the difficult news that due to Skillshare’s recent changes in performance engagement, these classes will be closed on January 31st.

While we would try to make an effort to adhere to the new requirements, their new policies are just way too much to meet given that these classes are over 2 years old. But here’s the good news: These classes will be migrated to a new online learning platform starting next month. Once we find a new home, we will make an announcement ASAP.

For the time being, you can still enjoy these classes as well as last year’s Indie Directing Film School until Skillshare decides to remove them all together. I thank all the students who engaged in the classes since 2019 and I hope we can continue educating aspiring filmmakers further very soon.