We finally hit 100 students enrolled in our Skillshare class today. And there’s always room for more! Enroll today:

Also don’t forget to sign up for our other Skillshare classes, THE INDIE FILM EXHIBITION MASTERCLASS, and SHORT FILM & WEBISODE SCREENWRITING FOR BEGINNERS.


AJ Epyx News and Updates Coming in February 2020

We have a couple of exciting releases for the month of February from AJ Epyx. Next Monday, we will be dropping UNINVITED, the new music video from Milan’s Music at Midnight album which takes us into the new world of puppetry and 3D effects. We will also make available NO-BUDGET FILMMAKING FOR BEGINNERS, a movie-making masterclass hosted by Andre´ Joseph which you can only find on the community learning website, Skillshare. There will be more updates about the progress of AMERICAN GUNSLINGERS plus a few other new project announcements along the way!


No-Budget Filmmaking for Beginners – A Skillshare Class Trailer

Coming soon to the online learning community website Skillshare is a multi-part masterclass on no budget filmmaking presented by Andre´ Joseph, award-winning independent filmmaker from New York City and president of AJ Epyx Productions. The class will be about getting your movie made with the resources you have available and not break the bank. This will be followed by students producing a video with a 3-Act structure and conflict at 3 minutes max. This will be the foundation for how to present your work to a wide audience. The class is geared towards beginner film students and people interested in making movies but never picked up a camera before.

Production on these videos is currently in progress. Subscribe and apply to the Skillshare class today at