This DEEP DIVE edition of Unfinished Business TELEVISION looks at the highly underrated dark romantic comedy spy thriller GOTCHA! starring Anthony Edwards and Linda Fiorentino. With amazing European locations and a killer soundtrack, this gem from REVENGE OF THE NERDS director Jeff Kanew got lost in the shuffle when released in the summer of ’85. Yet, it found an audience on video and spawned a mildly controversial paint gun toy line and a Nintendo game! Did you know the other ‘80s heartthrobs who were considered to star? How did the movie’s shocking twist get inspired by the casting process? Find out, learn more, and as always SUBSCRIBE!

And if you sit to the end, you might get a little rare surprise…

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The Silver Screen Action Figure Podcast – Video Game Based Movies

The Silver Screen Action Figure Podcast returns from a lengthy hiatus to deliver a new episode about toys based on Video Game-based movies (Some tongue twister!). We look at the difficult beginnings of the trend with SUPER MARIO BROS followed by STREET FIGHTER and MORTAL KOMBAT. There are even mentions of other gaming classics adapted to the screen including TOMB RAIDER and DOOM to name a few. We also briefly review the recent release of the SONIC THE HEDGEHOG film adaptation!

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Theme song by Matt Hackett

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