New DISMISSAL TIME Merchandise on Sale at Creator Spring

We finally have all-new merchandise to celebrate the release of our award-winning dramatic short film, Dismissal Time. Visit the store at Creator Spring to purchase the official movie poster along with coffee mugs and notebooks. Additionally, we have T-shirts and other paraphernalia to promote our official social media hashtag, #DontDismissMe. Wear these when you go back to school, return to work, or just want to support our story. Go to the links below to see what’s in stock!

Learn more about our next film festival screenings happening in September!

DISMISSAL TIME: Official Poster Release

As we are near the end of fine tuning the short film, we are very happy to release the official movie poster for DISMISSAL TIME! Also, we want to announce that the trailer will be out later this week on all our social media platforms. Be ready. It’s almost TIME.

When a black high school student in a reputable prep school becomes the victim of a vicious form of cyber bullying, his history teacher makes it her mission to bring those responsible to task. With events loosely based on my personal experiences in high school, this short film will serve as examination of the most timely social issues of the day, from racism and classism to bullying all within the context of the educational arena.

Support the AMERICAN GUNSLINGERS Poster in The Wild Bunch Film Festival Movie Poster Fan Vote

Pick your favorites starting on Thursday Aug 15th – Sunday Aug 25th. Voting ends at 11:59pm on August 25th! Every facebook “like” each poster receives from the original photo album shown here, will count as one vote. Also vote on “EASYPOLLS” located at Remember, the key to increasing more votes is having fans come to TWBFF page to vote and then by voting daily after 6:00am on Easypolls! On EasyPolls check the poster(s) you’d like to vote for, then scroll all the way down to the very bottom of the page and click the “Vote” button. Winner(s) will be announced on Sunday Oct 6th at TWBFF Award Show in Willcox, AZ.

Vote for our American Gunslingers poster below:

THE SAXOPHONIST Trailer and Final Poster Released

After a year of anticipation, the trailer for the AJ Epyx Productions dramatic short film, The Saxophonist, has been released along with the final poster for the film. The film is currently in the final stages of audio mixing and will premiere at a soon to be announced date as well as film festivals.

THE SAXOPHONIST Short Film Trailer from AJ Epyx Productions on Vimeo.


However, we are very happy to announce here that the trailer will be screened as part of the EBONI programming of the Emerson College Film Festival in Los Angeles on Saturday, April 14. Writer/director Andre´ Joseph will be in attendance to screen the trailer and participate in the panel discussion at the event. More info on that can be found at the link below:


Be sure to share the trailer links using the hashtag #saxophonistmovie. Please continue to support our post-production efforts and film festival entry fees by making a tax deductible donation through our fiscal sponsor, the New York Foundation of the Arts.

Sax Final Poster

THE SAXOPHONIST Trailer to be Released Next Wednesday

As we’re in the final stages of post-production, our plan is to finally release the trailer for THE SAXOPHONIST exactly one week from today. The trailer will be posted on here as well as the film’s Facebook, Instagram, and the official website. We will also be releasing the final poster art. And if that’s not all, we have a very big announcement in regards to the film’s trailer too. Of all the films we’ve done previously, this one I’m tremendously proud of and I hope you will be too. Keep it right here next week Wednesday!

If you still want to support our post-production and film festival entry efforts, please make a tax deductible donation through our fiscal sponsor, the New York Foundation for the Arts here.

New Teaser Poster for THE SAXOPHONIST

We’ve revealed the new teaser poster for our upcoming short film, THE SAXOPHONIST. Starring Beavin Lawrence, Nadya Encarnacion, Michael Anthony Roberts, Zoiea Ohizep, Ann Flanigan, Ron’Netta, and Jarett Smithwrick. Currently in post-production with a planned release for private screenings and film festivals in 2018. Please continue to support our post production efforts by making a tax deductible contribution through our fiscal sponsor website, the New York Foundation for the Arts. You can also learn more about how the fiscal sponsorship and your support will work by going to The Saxophonist Website.

Saxophonist 2017 Teaser

New TEMPTED Poster on Sale and Some Quick Plugs

Now available at the AJ Epyx Wholesale Shop is a brand new Tempted movie poster commerating our recent film festival successes in this laurel edition of the artwork. Purchase this and other great items now by visiting the CafePress link.

Speaking of Tempted, the film’s co-producer and cinematographer Adam Chinoy has started an Indiegogo campaign for his upcoming short film from Green Gecko Films, THE COMFORT ANIMAL. Check out the pitch video below and please support by visiting their Indiegogo page.

Comfort Animal: Kickstarter Video from Green Gecko Films on Vimeo.

Then our award winning actor from Night Stream, Reginald L. Barnes, has just started a GoFundMe campaign to help with all his acting career needs from upcoming productions to obtaining union status. He has been hard at work on this for 10 years and now it’s time that it pays off. Check out the GoFundMe page to support him as well as my friend Woodly Aurelus to get the finishing funds for his long awaited feature film, BEST FRIEND.