INSPIRE US Behind the Scenes Shoot at The Art Factory

Mimes, ballerinas, aliens, and spacemen! These are the latest behind the scenes pics from the production of Milan Lazistan’s next music video “Inspire Us” off his previous solo LP, MUSIC AT MIDNIGHT. Huge special thanks to The Art Factory in Paterson, NJ, Dave Lee of the Academy of Broadcast Media, and Albert Albanese for making this happen for us. And a very special shout out to Emily Speed for doubling as Milan in the spacesuit! Stay tuned for more.

INSPIRE US Music Video Behind the Scenes

First day back on a film set after a lost year. A huge sigh of relief with all of us vaccinated. Thank Milan, Nate the Mime, Mike Schiavo, Inna Vogel, and Chris Galassi for making it so much fun. As for the music video itself from Milan Lazistan’s album MUSIC AT MIDNIGHT, it’s gonna be “out of this world”.