We are on cloud 9 for this very special Unfinished Business TELEVISION interview with legendary film director and editor JEFF KANEW! His impressive list of ‘80s classics include 1984’s REVENGE OF THE NERDS, 1985’s GOTCHA!, 1986’s TOUGH GUYS and 1989’s TROOP BEVERLY HILLS to name just a few. Part 1 looks at Mr. Kanew’s early career as a trailer editor for United Artists putting together the movie trailers for THE GRADUATE and ROCKY among others. Then we discuss his directorial debut with the 1979 drama NATURAL ENEMIES before jumping into studio pictures with 1983’s EDDIE MACON’S RUN where he began a lifelong friendship with the immortal Kirk Douglas!

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UNFINISHED BUSINESS INTERVIEW – Steven E. de Souza Part 2 (Writer of Street Fighter, Beverly Hills Cop III, & The Flintstones)

We now present to you Part 2 of our epic Unfinished Business TELEVISION exclusive interview with writer and director Steven E. de Souza! We cut straight to his ‘90s output by discussing his contributions to THE FLINTSTONES, BEVERLY HILLS COP III, and BLAST. Additionally, we talk about how he got the directing gig for the STREET FIGHTER movie and the challenges it came with. We truly appreciate Steven for taking the time to speak with us about his long, illustrious career!

Be sure to watch Part 1 if you missed it.

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Member Spotlight: Dismissal Time

Writer/director André Joseph was recently featured in this month’s Member Spotlight for the website of Dismissal Time’s fiscal sponsor Fractured Atlas to discuss the process of bringing the short film to life. Check it out! https://blog.fracturedatlas.org/member-spotlight-dismissal-time


Our special interview edition of Unfinished Business goes underground into the world of fan films by interviewing Baltimore-based filmmaker and stuntman Dan Poole! Dan is best known for his homemade Spider-Man film, THE GREEN GOBLIN’S LAST STAND, a project intended to be showcase to get on board the unproduced James Cameron film adaptation during the 1990s. But it ultimately gained traction in Comic Cons across the world. We talk to Dan about his experience making the film, the response from fans over the years, his efforts on his indie feature THE PHOTON EFFECT, and his thoughts on the Spider-Man movies in general. Thank you DP for taking the time to speak to you!

*Please note due to Zoom-related technical difficulties, we lost Jeff early on during the interview.

Find out more about Dan at http://www.danpoole.net.

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Andre’ Joseph Featured in Premier Issue of Unstoppable Magazine

The award-winning filmmaker behind VENDETTA GAMES and THE SAXOPHONIST, Andre’ Joseph, is featured in a very in-depth interview for the premier issue of Unstoppable Magazine. The article goes into the humble beginnings in Staten Island, NY; his first feature film PRICELESS; his process for achieving goals; and a few surprises along the way. This publication will highlight Men from all walks of Life. They will share information on their Passion. The information will be presented in many forms. Unstoppable is the mantra for this magazine. Men are Unstoppable. Special thanks to Dr. Cheri Moore for making this possible.

Read the full article today at the following link: https://issuu.com/mooretvnetwork/docs/unstoppable__premier_edition__2_

AJ Epyx News and Updates Coming in February 2020

We have a couple of exciting releases for the month of February from AJ Epyx. Next Monday, we will be dropping UNINVITED, the new music video from Milan’s Music at Midnight album which takes us into the new world of puppetry and 3D effects. We will also make available NO-BUDGET FILMMAKING FOR BEGINNERS, a movie-making masterclass hosted by Andre´ Joseph which you can only find on the community learning website, Skillshare. There will be more updates about the progress of AMERICAN GUNSLINGERS plus a few other new project announcements along the way!


No-Budget Filmmaking for Beginners – A Skillshare Class Trailer

Coming soon to the online learning community website Skillshare is a multi-part masterclass on no budget filmmaking presented by Andre´ Joseph, award-winning independent filmmaker from New York City and president of AJ Epyx Productions. The class will be about getting your movie made with the resources you have available and not break the bank. This will be followed by students producing a video with a 3-Act structure and conflict at 3 minutes max. This will be the foundation for how to present your work to a wide audience. The class is geared towards beginner film students and people interested in making movies but never picked up a camera before.

Production on these videos is currently in progress. Subscribe and apply to the Skillshare class today at skillshare.com.

MUSIC AT MIDNIGHT Awesome TV Interview at 2018 Golden Door International Film Festival

For anyone who missed it, this is our interview with Awesome TV from last year’s Golden Door International Film Festival where the music video for Milan Lazistan’s MUSIC AT MIDNIGHT had screened. We’re currently in post-production with the video of his next single SANGRIA and hope to return there with it soon! The interview begins at 23:50.

GDIFF2018 – Closing Night – Part1 from Awesome TV on Vimeo.


Major Announcement Coming This Week

In the midst of all of our hard work and film festival screenings, we are excited to share some major news later this week that could potentially launch AJ Epyx Productions to a whole new level. Continue to follow all of our news and updates here on the official website and be sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Vimeo as well as Instagram.

As we mentioned yesterday, for those of you in the Las Vegas area, our animated trailer for AMERICAN GUNSLINGERS will be screening as part of the Action on Film International Film Festival on Wednesday, July 31st at 8pm at the Brenden Theaters located inside the Palms Hotel & Casino. The trailer will be followed by the award-winning AJ Epyx short film, THE SAXOPHONIST! Get your tickets today right here!