The final DEEP DIVE of 2022’s Unfinished Business TELEVISION is a look back at a literal sleeper high school comedy TRIPPIN’. Directed by David Raynr (Whatever it Takes) and written by Gary Hardwick (The Brothers, Deliver Us from Eva), this summer black counter-programming to AMERICAN PIE was a star vehicle for The Cosby Show’s Deon Richmond and featured early performances from Donald Faison, Guy Torry, Anthony Anderson, and Maia Campbell. Is it as funny as we remembered it? Watch, like, comment, and most importantly SUBSCRIBE!

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Unfinished Business: Deep Dive Promo for COBRA

A special teaser for our next epic deep dive of the 80s cult classic COBRA with Sylvester Stallone. This one has a very special guest involved in the discussion. Watch out for it this Friday 8/27/21 right here!

Eighties Action by Kevin MacLeod Link: https://incompetech.filmmusic.io/song… License: https://filmmusic.io/standard-license


This week’s Unfinished Business Deep Dive goes back to the 80s to examine a highly underrated guilty pleasure of the day called THREE O’CLOCK HIGH. This little high school comedy was no John Hughes sentimental storytelling but a simple tale of a bully wanting to destroy a meek boy. Yet, there’s so much more going on that makes it so endlessly watchable. Follow hosts Jeff Gallashaw and Andre´ Joseph of AJ Epyx Productions as they share their stories watching the film, how Spielberg took his name off it, the big TV star who the producers had in mind to star initially, and so much more.

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