AJ Epyx Q&A Video Episode 01

The first episode of a new series where writer/director/actor Andre´ Joseph of AJ Epyx Productions answers fan questions about his films, thoughts on the movie industry, and life as a moviemaker.

To find out more about Andre´ and his production company, visit ajepyxproductions.com

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You can find him on Twitter and Instagram @ajepyx

VENDETTA GAMES Kickstarter Update & Movie News

In the past three days since the launch, the VENDETTA GAMES Kickstarter campaign has raised $1,105! A huge special thanks to our first 4 backers! But we still have another $1,395 to raise in the next 28 days in order to reach our minimum goal. So we ask all of our supporters to please contribute what you can and/or share the Kickstarter link on all social media platforms and beyond:


Also on the Vendetta Games front, the 5th and latest edition of the Vendetta Games Diaries has been published thanks to my good friends at CosBlog. The new piece goes more in depth into the audition and casting process of the film! Read this and the past 4 editions of the diaries on CosBlog at your leisure!

Please don’t forget that this is happening next Saturday: