Past AJ Epyx Short Films Free to Watch on Vimeo

As part of our 15th year in business, we are now re-releasing some of our past short films on Vimeo for free to our fans and followers. This is our thanks to your loyal support on these productions. Among the films we are now making public are 2005’s THE EVIL SOCIETY, 2013’s NIGHT STREAM, and 2014’s TEMPTED. Watch them all today on the AJ Epyx Vimeo Channel.



UNFINISHED BUSINESS revisits this underrated 90s cult classic of a teen movie, ANGUS, directed by Patrick Read Johnson (SPACED INVADERS, BABY’S DAY OUT). What made this movie so unique compared to other teen movies of the time? Find out as hosts Jeff Gallashaw and Andre’ Joseph of AJ Epyx Productions take the deep dive into this special little film. Follow Jeff on Instagram and Twitter @unfinishedb2 and Andre’ @ajepyx.

NIGHT STREAM & THE EVIL SOCIETY Available at Vimeo on Demand

Thanks to, you can now rent or purchase our most earliest sci-fi project THE EVIL SOCIETY and the award winning short drama NIGHT STREAM at their streaming service Vimeo on Demand! Both films can be rented for 1 week at the low price of $1.99 and purchasing allows you to not only stream but also download to your desktop. Any and all feedback is always appreciated. Expect more titles to appear in the coming months!

Find these titles at Vimeo on Demand NOW by clicking on the posters below:

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