AMERICAN GUNSLINGERS Screenplay Accepted to Austin Revolution Film Festival

Our award-winning screenplay for AMERICAN GUNSLINGERS by Drew Henriksen has just been selected for competition at the Austin Revolution Film Festival! More details coming soon! Please continue to support this project as much as you can!



Screening Date & Time Announced for VENDETTA GAMES at Austin Action Fest

For those of you in the Austin area, our award-winning crime thriller VENDETTA GAMES will be screening as part of the Austin Action Fest next month. Our film will play on Sunday, December 8th in Block 6 at 1:30pm. All screenings will be held at the Austin School of Film (2200 Tillery St., Austin, TX 78723) and our block will be followed by the awards ceremony. For tickets, they can be found on FilmFreeway. We hope you guys can make it and we will have some news coming very soon about the upcoming DVD and Blu-ray release!


VENDETTA GAMES Accepted to Austin Action Fest

As this year winds down, we’re happy to announce that our award-winning crime thriller VENDETTA GAMES has been accepted to this year’s Austin Action Fest in Austin, TX! This is a film festival, cosplay competition, live action demonstration and video game tournament all jammed into one. The event will take place December 7th-8th at the Austin School of Film. For more info, visit their website here. We’re still awaiting news about the home and streaming release of the film from ITN Distribution within the next few months. We will have more updates on that as well as the screening date in Austin as soon as possible. Congrats again to our cast and crew!


Photos from the Iron Dragon TV ActionFest Screening of DISHONORABLE VENDETTA

Big special thank you to Janell Smith and the Iron Dragon TV Action Fest for having us screen Dishonorable Vendetta last month in Austin, TX! Keep the support going worldwide because we will need it for VENDETTA GAMES in the coming months. Check out the pics from the event below and don’t forget you can rent DV now at Vimeo on Demand for 1 week for as low as $1.99!


Our screening time for DISHONORABLE VENDETTA at the Iron Dragon TV ActionFest this Friday has been changed from the original 5pm slot to now 8pm! A Q&A with writer/director Andre´ Joseph will take place after the screening.

All events will take place at the Galaxy Highland Theater (6700 Middle Fiskville Rd, Austin, TX 78752) from August 11-12. Come see some exciting films in addition to ours as well as a host of special panels and meet some talented actors and stunt coordinators from the area. See the Facebook invite link for more info and purchase your festival badges here: