Unfinished Business DEEP DIVES into this guilty pleasure of a childhood classic in Arnold Schwarzenegger’s hit comedy KINDERGARTEN COP directed by Ivan Reitman. Of all Schwarzenegger movies, what made this one the golden source for memes and celebrity prank call soundboards throughout the years? And the guys try to answer the immortal question: WHO IS YOUR DADDY AND WHAT DOES HE DO?

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The Silver Screen Action Figure Podcast – Schwarzenegger

This episode of The Silver Screen Action Figure Podcast is a spin-off from our TERMINATOR episode as we discuss all ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER action figures from his famous and infamous films including COMMANDO, LAST ACTION HERO, CONAN, and JINGLE ALL THE WAY!

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The Cinefiles Podcast: Episode 12

In Episode 12 of The CineFiles Podcast on This in Infamous, we discuss the rise of Hispanic film makers such as Robert Rodriguez, Guillermo Del Toro, Alex De Iglesia, Nacho Vigolando and Alfonse Cauron among many others. Whether they hail from Mexico, Spain, Chile or Argentina… they’re leading the charge of the Latino auteur. But first, we review the films we’ve recently seen: THE HUNT FOR RED OCTOBER, THE LONGEST DAY, WILD CARD, the Arnold Schwarzenegger zombie flick MAGGIE, both versions of THE DISAPPEARANCE OF ELEANOR RIGBY, THE OVERNIGHT and APPLESAUCE. And then we get into the news!

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