DISMISSAL TIME: An Interview with Lisa Regina (“Sharon Vance”)

Introducing Lisa Regina as “Sharon Vance,” the teacher in DISMISSAL TIME. For more about the Dismissal Time short film from AJ Epyx Productions, visit our LinkTree at https://linktr.ee/ajepyxdismissaltime and check out our hashtags, #DismissalTimeStories #DontDismissMe. Support Lisa’s non-profit, A Write to Heal, at https://awritetoheal.com/

DISMISSAL TIME will be premiering at the Philadelphia Independent Film Festival 6/8/22 @ 3pm in the SeraPhi Screening Room @ 941 N. Front Street. Get tickets & full schedule now at FilmFreeway under #PIFF listing.

DISMISSAL TIME Official Trailer

A new AJ Epyx Productions short film from award-winning filmmaker, André Joseph (Vendetta Games, The Saxophonist). In the prestigious high school Ovaduke Academy, TK Clark is an innocent freshman who is the target of a vicious form of cyber bulling. When the incident turns tragic and the school administration tries to sweep it under the rug, TK’s history teacher Sharon Vance makes it her mission to bring those responsible to task. Loosely inspired by true events.

The film stars Lisa Regina, Troy Sill, Oliver Feaster, Jay Pastelak, Kat Walsh, Sarah Dolhansky, Kayla Minore, Isaiah Faircloth, Denise Spaulding, Dave Goodman and special appearance by Chris Corulla, Jr. Music by Matthew Hackett with additional music by Konstantin Soukhovetski. Executive Producer is Lisa Regina. Associate Producers are Chris Galassi and Nancy Martignetti. Cinematography by Greg Lassik of Endless Wave Productions. Written, produced, directed, and edited by André Joseph.


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Learn more about Lisa Regina’s non-profit, A Write to Heal, at awritetoheal.com.

DISMISSAL TIME: Official Poster Release

As we are near the end of fine tuning the short film, we are very happy to release the official movie poster for DISMISSAL TIME! Also, we want to announce that the trailer will be out later this week on all our social media platforms. Be ready. It’s almost TIME.

When a black high school student in a reputable prep school becomes the victim of a vicious form of cyber bullying, his history teacher makes it her mission to bring those responsible to task. With events loosely based on my personal experiences in high school, this short film will serve as examination of the most timely social issues of the day, from racism and classism to bullying all within the context of the educational arena.

DISMISSAL TIME Interview on Rowan Radio’s “A Community Affair”

Lisa Regina and director André Joseph recently sat down with Sam Whalen on Rowan Radio 89.7 WGLS-FM’s “A Community Affair” where we discussed all things Dismissal Time!” They talk about what it was like filming during the pandemic, how they have grown as creators, and what the film means to the people that made it. Take a listen right now at Soundcloud! https://soundcloud.com/rowan-radio-89-7-wgls-fm/031922-lisa-regina-and-andre-joseph?in=rowan-radio-89-7-wgls-fm/sets/a-community-affair

Member Spotlight: Dismissal Time

Writer/director André Joseph was recently featured in this month’s Member Spotlight for the website of Dismissal Time’s fiscal sponsor Fractured Atlas to discuss the process of bringing the short film to life. Check it out! https://blog.fracturedatlas.org/member-spotlight-dismissal-time

DISMISSAL TIME Composers Announced

We are happy to announce our composers for the original score of Dismissal Time! First, we have our longtime composer Matt Hackett who previously recorded music and sound design for past AJ Epyx films including NIGHT STREAM, THE DINNER, and of course Vendetta Games. Second, we have the honor of bringing in world renowned pianist and Julliard grad Konstantin Soukhovetski who was also an actor on our 2nd film, Dishonorable Vendetta. You can listen to their tracks on Soundcloud at the following links:

Konstantin Soukhovetski: https://soundcloud.com/konstantin-soukhovetski

Matt Hackett: https://soundcloud.com/pigeon-coop-4000

For this holiday season, we have re-launched our crowdfunding campaign at Fractured Atlas as we are still in the process of editing the short film. As we prepare for an official release next year, we will need your support to help cover the costs of building the marketing materials (i.e. Movie posters, electronic press kit and pitch deck, an official website, etc.) and for covering film festival entry fees. We understand that the holidays are a difficult time to be fundraising. However, no matter how big or small your contribution is, it will help us get our message out there. We have a very special film that all of us in the cast and crew are proud to be part of and we want to give it the biggest push possible. https://fundraising.fracturedatlas.org/dis…/campaigns/4651

DISMISSAL TIME Wants to Hear to Your Story

With production now wrapped on DISMISSAL TIME, we begin the next important phase of the project with editing, sound mixing, and music. But we also have something very important we would like to do in fitting the movie’s themes. If you have been a victim or a witness to racially motivated bullying in school and/or witnessed a school administration’s lack of effort to take action, we would like for you to tell your story on camera and have it featured in the end credits. If you are interested in this opportunity, please contact me directly at ajepyx1@gmail.com to tell your story. If we feel your story is appropriate for the film, you can shoot your testimonial on your phone and send it to us before we complete the editing process by early next year. Thank you.

Final Day to Donate to Crowdfunding Campaign for DISMISSAL TIME

We have only 1 more full day to raise funds for the short film production of DISMISSAL TIME. With 14 donations in, we are just halfway through to our minimum goal of $3,500. If you believe in this story and the message we are sending, then please contribute any amount you can at our fiscal sponsor site Fractured Atlas or at the very least share this campaign link. View the pitch video and all rewards for your contribution there. Thank you. https://fundraising.fracturedatlas.org/dismissal-time-short-film/campaigns/4266