Dishonorable Vendetta Concept Poster

This is the concept poster for the upcoming DISHONORABLE VENDETTA. Feedback would be greatly appreciated.



The first musical piece composed and performed by Rico Mancini of Cool Music Inc. for the original musical score of the upcoming AJ Epyx Productions’ action-thriller, “DISHONORABLE VENDETTA”. Recorded at Cacoon Studios. Mastered by Marc Ryan. Copyright 2010.

My 2010 Oscars Review

Oscar season has come and gone once again. Thank God. The glitz and the glamour don’t faze me as much compared to when I was younger. Personally, I could care less about who was wearing what. No average American citizen can afford any of that Eurotrash anyway.

The show itself was mediocre at best. Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin had their share of hits and misses as the hosts (Although I loved the Jew Hunter bit that Martin did when talking about Christoph Waltz’s role in Inglorious Basterds). The opening number with NPH (aka Neil Patrick Harris for the common folks) was funny yet awkward. The award presentations were the same dull routine save for Ben Stiller’s LMAO bit dressed up as one of the Avatar characters.

Other awkward moments for me were the Kanye-like moment during the Best Short Documentary segment as well as all the “rubbing” towards Meryl Streep. Is she the best? Oh yeah. But don’t grope the woman all damn night. Even that tribute to horror films was just so horribly executed between the Twilight cast presenting it (and I still don’t understand the attraction to Taylor Lautner. He looks like a damn dodo bird) and the films that were represented. Last time I checked, Edward Scissorhands and Beetlejuice were dark comedies and not horror flicks.

On a positive note, I liked how the Academy recognized writer/director John Hughes in a special tribute segment. Although I did enjoy Breakfast Club, Weird Science, Planes Trains and Automobiles, and Home Alone in my youth, I was never obsessed with the man’s work because of the lack of black characters that I could identify with in his films. But a recent article by David Kamp in Vanity Fair magazine really inspired me as a writer because in the article, Kamp talks about how Hughes was always constantly writing and generating ideas until the day he died and he even kept up to date with the ever-changing trends in music which also fueled his creativity. You can read the article online here:

As for the winners, there were no big surprises to me. I was so happy for both Christoph Waltz and Mo’Nique’s supporting actor wins. Their roles in Inglorious Basterds and Precious were definitely not easy roles to pull off and it playing such roles takes courage for any actor. The Hurt Locker was also deserving of the Best Picture award in addition to director Kathryn Bigelow becoming the first ever female to win Best Director. I’ve always loved her work as far back as Point Break and Strange Days. But what’s really significant about her win is that she’s not a female director making chick flicks. She has the ability to do tough, gripping films in genres dominated by male directors. That to me sets her apart from Penny Marshall and Nora Ephron among others.

And finally for those who felt that James Cameron and Avatar got snubbed last night, let’s also remember that both Star Wars and The Matrix broke technological ground in their day and won awards in that respect; however, the stories themselves were not necessarily original.

Overall, another lame year full of suck fests and dull musical numbers. Maybe AJ Epyx Productions could change that in a few years…

AJ Epyx Productions’ Priceless Now Available on DVD!

I am happy to announce that my first and previous feature film, “Priceless” is now available on and eStore on DVD! If you have not seen the film yet, you can see the trailer right here:

Order your copy today at these following links:

What’s New For 2010?

A brand new day indeed and a new decade that looks to be getting brighter and brighter for AJ Epyx Productions. There have been many developments in the last few weeks which could well set what a great year we’ll be having:

– “Priceless” will finally be up for sale on and eStore in just a few weeks. Each disc will contain the original festival cut of the film as well as outtakes and the trailer. Well be spreading the word once it’s available.

– Our new film, “Dishonorable Vendetta”, will be resuming production next month. I’ve been working very hard in the meantime editing the completed scenes and also filming test shots for the upcoming action sequences. The test footage and the first teaser trailer for the film will be making their way on the net very soon.

– On the “In Development” front, I sent out one of my feature length scripts to a major company which will remain nameless. No guarantees but it’s definitely worth the shot. We also have three short films in active development as well as a potential remake/reboot of an old favorite of mine that deserves to be seen. It’ll be an ambitious effort but I believe we can make it happen.

Finally, Andre’ Joseph and AJ Epyx Productions sends its thoughts and prayers to the people who are suffering, lost their homes and loved ones as a result of the devistating earthquake in Haiti. Here’s where you can help:

Go online to or mail checks to Haiti Earthquake Fund,Dept. NR, PO Box 2669 Portland, Ore. 97208 or call (888) 256-1900 or Text Haiti 90999. $10 will go to the Red Cross.