Andre’ Joseph, the star, writer, and director of AJ Epyx Productions’ Priceless, is back with Dishonorable Vendetta, a contemporary crime thriller from Cool Multi Media, LLC and AJ Epyx Productions, LLC.

Keith Miller (CHRIS CORULLA, JR.) used to be very focused as an undercover DEA agent. Now he lives a lonely existence following the brutal murder of his wife. His personal leave is cut short, however, when family members of the Bolivian drug lord he was investigating get killed in their home.

Miller teams up with his cautious yet skillful partner, Jason Stokes (ANDRE’ JOSEPH) as they learn of a massive stash of cocaine that was taken from the Bolivian drug lord’s home. They also manage to link the murders to a vicious, competitive Russian drug lord named Vlad Rodchenko (FRANK SELLERS) and his crime syndicate outfit led by his right-hand man, Pavel Sidorov (KONSTANTIN SOUKHOVETSKI). The DEA works in co-junction with the FBI to form an operation where Miller and Stokes go undercover to infiltrate Rodchenko’s empire and bring him down from the inside.

Soon, the case is put into jeopardy due to Miller’s instability, his troubled relationship with fellow agent and former lover Samantha Torres (LISA MARIE-WELDON), and the presence of a mysterious leak in the DEA who works closely with Rodchenko. These tough special agents’ loyalty will be tested, secrets will unfold, and methods will be ‘dishonorable’.

Cool Multi Media, LLC presents an AJ Epyx Production, A film by Andre’ Joseph, Dishonorable Vendetta. The film stars Chris Corulla, Jr., Andre’ Joseph, J.R. Carter, Frank Sellers, Lisa Marie-Weldon, Albert Albanese III, with Drew Henriksen, and Konstantin Soukhovetski. Written, Produced and Directed by Andre’ Joseph. Executive Producers are Marc Ryan, Rico Mancini, and Alfred C. Joseph, Rico Mancini. Cinematographers are Clint Higgins and Woodly Aurelus. Editors are Andre’ Joseph and Rico Mancini. Music by Rico Mancini.

This film is not yet rated. The film will be released in 2011.

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Rewrites, new directions, and very physical hurdles. Who would think I would be filming this long on a movie I started almost a year ago. Even in spite of delays as a result of scheduling and seeking locations, production on Dishonorable Vendetta is still going better than I initially expected and now we’re at the home stretch of principal photography.

By August, there will be a brand new and exciting trailer to present to the world. One that will show just how far we have grown from our previous projects and how we’ll be taking my style of storytelling to a whole new level. And while we still have little to go on the production side, post-production is going on simultaneously in hopes of having the film ready by the end of the year which is a feat in itself.

Just to let everybody know, Dishonorable Vendetta will not only be the kind of entertaining action film we haven’t seen the likes of since Lethal Weapon but it will also have it’s share of shocking twists and turns that will definitely keep you talking when it’s over.

Finally before I return to work, I want to thank all of the cast, crew, and the fans on Myspace and Facebook. Your support for the film will factor in it’s success. Until next time, keep your eyes out for our next big update!