Dishonorable Vendetta Necklaces and Charm Braclets Update

The DV necklaces and charm bracelets are now BACK IN STOCK! Also check out our new keychains! Order now!


"Maffe Tiga" First Trailer

Also check out the trailer for the upcoming short film “Maffe Tiga”, the directing debut of Mohamed Dione, one of the stars of AJ Epyx Productions’ Priceless!

Also, they still need funding for post-production right now. If you’re interested in donating, check out the link below:

Best Friend Trailer

And finally check out the trailer for the romantic drama, Best Friend, directed by Woodly Aurelus. Woodly was the Director of Photography on AJ Epyx Productions’ Priceless as well as the 2nd unit cinematographer on Dishonorable Vendetta.