"Rico Shreds Carlton"

Check out this wicked guitar jam by Rico Mancini, one of the executive producers and also the official musical composer of Dishonorable Vendetta! Shot and edited by yours truly.

My Top 10 Best and Worst Films of 2009

Here we go with my take on the best and worst films of 2009. Unfortunately, I haven’t been going to the theaters as much as I would have liked to this year. It had less to do with the economy and more to do with the steaming piles of bat shit that hit the screens for quite sometime. Also, it’s hard to travel to the city to find indie flicks that capture my interest.

The usual way I do this is listing my top 10 best and worst followed by a quick one sentence take on the film. For some reason, I’ve had less patience in writing more detailed reviews. Also note that I have not seen Avatar (or Zombieland), so I’m only going by what I’ve seen from Jan-Nov of this year.

My Top 10 Worst Films of 2009:

10. Gamer
(Couldn’t get past the first 10 minutes)

9. The Soloist
(Robert Downey Jr. could not save this waste of celluloid)

8. Friday the 13th
(If you’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all)

7. Notorious
(I would have preferred Sly Stallone’s unproduced film about the LAPD officer who investigated the Tupac and Biggie murders)

6. Obsessed
(Caught it on cable. Poor Idris Elba. Deserves so much better)

5. Funny People
(Not a laugh-out riot. Just a downbeat bore)

4. Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen
(Aside from a few good action scenes, the comedy went overboard and there was lack of development with the new characters)

3. Observe and Report
(See #5)

2. Paul Blart: Mall Cop
(I only made this number 2 because my buddy Adam Ferrara is in it)

1. Crank 2: High Voltage
(An insult to the intelligence of the human mind)

My Top 10 Best Films of 2009:

10. Bronson
(A modernized A Clockwork Orange. Highly recommended)

9. Angels & Demons
(Unlike DaVinci Code, no time is wasted. Entertaining from start to finish)

8. Law Abiding Citizen
(Well executed from a screenplay standpoint. Gerard Butler’s best since 300)

7. State of Play
(Surprisingly well done. Worth a second look)

6. Black Dynamite
(You’d be amazed how the film is a lot funnier than the trailer appears. This makes the Hangover look like Paul Blart)

5. The Hurt Locker
(This generation’s Full Metal Jacket. Brilliant)

4. Precious
(Despite the unorthodox casting, the film is disturbingly real. You never know what’s coming around the corner)

3. District 9
(For a film that cost less money than Transformers, I was pleasantly surprised. Paul Verhoeven must be proud)

2. Inglorious Basterds
(The Jew Hunter is a surefire shoe-in for Oscar season)

1. Star Trek
(What can I say? It’s the way every summer movie experience should be)

Feedback and your lists of best and worst are highly appreciated!

Dishonorable Vendetta Press Release


“Revenge is an addiction.”

Keith Miller (CHRIS CORULLA, JR.) used to be the best in his job as an undercover DEA agent. Now he’s a distraught man who prefers to live a lonely existence following the brutal murder of his wife. His personal leave is cut short, however, when the Bolivian drug lord he was investigating along with his family get killed in their home.

Miller gets reassigned to his more cautious but skillful partner, Jason Stokes (ANDRE’ JOSEPH). The two agents learn of a massive stash of cocaine that was taken from the drug lord’s house and manage to link the murder to a vicious, competitive Russian drug lord named Vlad Rodchenko (FRANK SELLERS). The DEA works in co-junction with the FBI to form an operation where Miller and Stokes go undercover to infiltrate Rodchenko’s empire and bring him down from the inside.

But the operation is put into jeopardy in various ways including Miller’s instability, his strained relationship with fellow agent and former lover Samantha Torres (LISA MARIE-WELDON), and the presence of a mysterious leak in the DEA who works closely with Rodchenko. What follows from there is an unraveling mystery full of bizarre twists, turns, and betrayals that lead towards a dangerous and bloody climax.

AJ Epyx Productions, LLC presents “Dishonorable Vendetta,” the latest film effort of Andre’ Joseph, the director and star of AJ Epyx Productions’ “Priceless.” An exciting dramatic thriller, the film stars Chris Corulla, Jr., Andre’ Joseph, J.R. Carter, Frank Sellers, Lisa Marie-Weldon, Konstantin Soukhovetski, Drew Henriksen, Albert Albanese III, Julio Vincent Gambuto, and Lou Kodza. Written and Directed by Andre’ Joseph, the film is produced by Joseph along with Albert Albanese III with Alfred C. Joseph, Rico Mancini, and Marc Ryan as Executive Producers. Director of Photography is Clint Higgins. Rico Mancini of Cool Music Inc will compose the original music.

For more details on the film, visit http://www.myspace.com/dvmovie.

Copyright 2009 AJ Epyx Productions, LLC

Tools and Talents

After 9 years, the Yankees took home their 27th world title last night be defeating the Phillies 7 to 3 in the new Yankee Stadium! The Bronx was definitely burning and all day I’ve seen nothing but pure pride for argubly the best team in the MLB. Aside from the Giants winning the Super Bowl last year, a World Series win was needed for New York after years of recession depression, the pain of the Bush Administration, and just simply living life in the post 9/11 world. It’s nice to finally see something good that we can all rally behind as citizens of the greatest city in the world.

Things are also looking up in the job scene for me as well. I landed a two day job as a production assistant for a commercial being shot for Visa’s BarclayCard. It wasn’t all fun and games being that the shoot had closed down part of Pearl St. in lower Manhattan to execute an aerial camera trick on a cable system called the “spydercam”. Myself along with several other PA’s had to direct traffic and keep pedestrians safe and away from the action. It felt more like security work than anything else but well worth the time and experience. I even have another one day job coming up next week.

Dishonorable Vendetta is still in production for two weeks until we take a hiatus for the rest of the year while interest is building up on one of the scripts I wrote recently. Can’t wait to see how this plays out.