DISMISSAL TIME Nominated at Mediterranean Film Festival Cannes

Some big news to share on the international front. Dismissal Time is an official selection and short film nominee for this year’s Mediterranean Film Festival Cannes! The event takes place November 27 – 30 with winners to be announced on the last day. Congrats to our team!

Soundtrack available right now at Oclassica!


It’s Black Friday. You know what that means. Unfinished Business TELEVISION takes a DEEP DIVE into a popular ‘90s horror franchise with Wes Craven’s SCREAM 2. Released one year after the surprise success of its predecessor, this college-set continuation was such a top-secret production that the internet leaked the script! As we share our theatrical experiences when it came out, we ask if it still holds up today and where it stacks among the Scream series. Learn all there is to know and SUBSCRIBE!

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