CORRECTION: DISMISSAL TIME Merchandise Moved to Zazzle

Due to some unfortunate technical “glitches”, we have pulled out of our previous store arrangement with Creator Spring for all Dismissal Time movie-related gifts and merchandise. Any purchases made will be directly refunded. HOWEVER, we are very excited to let you know we have re-opened the store via Zazzle! Not only do we have the same T-shirts and poster items like before, but we also now have our own COFFEE, PENS, PENCILS, KEYCHAINS, CHOCOLATE CANDY and more! If you order today, get 15% Off with code DEALS4MONDAY. Go now and see what’s available!

More exciting news is coming! Don’t forget our next screening for the NY True Venture Film Festival Sept. 9 at 8pm! Newark International Film Festival date to be announced this week.