DISMISSAL TIME Accepted & Award Nominated at ChangeFest

We are so honored to announce that Dismissal Time is being recognized once again! The dramatic short film has been accepted to be part of the International Social Change Film Festival aka ChangeFest. It’s “a transformative experience that occupies the intersection of storytelling, fun and activism.” With festival events planned in New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles, not only will the movie be part of the program, but it has also been award nominated! We will keep you posted with more details in the coming weeks. Congrats to our cast and crew!


CORRECTION: DISMISSAL TIME Merchandise Moved to Zazzle

Due to some unfortunate technical “glitches”, we have pulled out of our previous store arrangement with Creator Spring for all Dismissal Time movie-related gifts and merchandise. Any purchases made will be directly refunded. HOWEVER, we are very excited to let you know we have re-opened the store via Zazzle! Not only do we have the same T-shirts and poster items like before, but we also now have our own COFFEE, PENS, PENCILS, KEYCHAINS, CHOCOLATE CANDY and more! If you order today, get 15% Off with code DEALS4MONDAY. Go now and see what’s available!


More exciting news is coming! Don’t forget our next screening for the NY True Venture Film Festival Sept. 9 at 8pm! Newark International Film Festival date to be announced this week.

RIP Robert B. Oliver

Bob Oliver was one of the few people who believed in me as a filmmaker. As a Kickstarter supporter and producer on Vendetta Games, he did more to support the production than I was willing to ask for. I loved being on set with him and on my later film, The Saxophonist. My condolences to his family at this difficult time. https://everloved.com/life-of/robert-oliver/?flow=201


Before the CW’s Riverdale, there was one live-action trip down Archie’s hometown in Universal’s adaptation of JOSIE AND THE PUSSYCATS. Unfinished Business TELEVISION takes a DEEP DIVE into this misunderstood musical comedy with Rachel Leigh Cook, Tara Reid, and an up-and-coming Rosario Dawson leading the way. Was it meant for kids or to please teens? Was it the last of a bygone era known as the early 2000s? And who were the pop queens originally considered for Dawson’s role? Find out, comment, like, and SUBSCRIBE!

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New DISMISSAL TIME Merchandise on Sale at Creator Spring

We finally have all-new merchandise to celebrate the release of our award-winning dramatic short film, Dismissal Time. Visit the store at Creator Spring to purchase the official movie poster along with coffee mugs and notebooks. Additionally, we have T-shirts and other paraphernalia to promote our official social media hashtag, #DontDismissMe. Wear these when you go back to school, return to work, or just want to support our story. Go to the links below to see what’s in stock!


Learn more about our next film festival screenings happening in September!

DISMISSAL TIME Screening Date & Time Announced for NYTVFF

Our NYC premiere for Dismissal Time for the New York True Venture Film Festival has been announced for the following date:


Producers Club Theaters

358 West 44th Street

New York, New York 10036

Cast and crew from the film who are attending are welcome to attend the festival screening and Awards Ceremony FREE OF CHARGE. For everyone else, including family and friends, tickets can be purchased at the following link: https://filmfreeway.com/NYTVFF/tickets

Follow NYTVFF for more news and updates. We will keep you posted on the NewarkIFF schedule as soon as we get it!


This week’s Unfinished Business TELEVISION’s DEEP DIVE celebrates Harrison Ford’s 80th birthday by looking back at his dramatic attempt at an Oscar, REGARDING HENRY. Ford’s 2nd collaboration with director Mike Nichols with a screenplay by a then unknown J.J. Abrams is a quintessential NY family drama for the period. Was Ford’s turn from selfish lawyer to childlike father a crowdpleaser or bad writing 101? Whatever happened to Mikki Allen? And was Bill Nunn the saving grace of the movie? Find out, comment, like, and SUBSCRIBE!

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DISMISSAL TIME Accepted to the New York True Venture Film Festival

The film festival run for Dismissal Time keeps rolling on! The award-winning short film has just been accepted to be part of this year’s New York True Venture Film Festival! Screenings will take place September 7-10 at the Producers Club Theaters on 358 West 44th Street. Screening date and time to be announced at a later date and the film will also be part of the Newark International Film Festival that same weekend! Tickets can be purchased via FilmFreeway.

Congrats once again to our team!

DISMISSAL TIME Accepted to the Newark International Film Festival

Really amazing news to share today as Dismissal Time will be joining our music video “Angelina” as part of this year’s Newark International Film Festival! The event takes place Sept. 7-11 and we will keep you updated on more info about both screenings in the days ahead. Congrats to our entire team!

Unfinished Business: August 2022 Part 2

The August edition of Unfinished Business TELEVISION continues with a whopping 6 REVIEWS of the latest releases: Marvel’s THOR LOVE AND THUNDER, Netflix’s THE GRAY MAN,  Michael Bay’s AMBULANCE, THE LOST CITY, THE BLACK PHONE, and SENIOR YEAR. Additionally, we have tons of tributes to share about some recently departed legends.

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