Indie Directing Film School Trailer

From the maker of Skillshare’s NO-BUDGET FILMMAKING FOR BEGINNERS and THE INDIE FILM EXHIBITION MASTERCLASS comes a new course specifically focused on the job of a film director on an independent film titled INDIE DIRECTING FILM SCHOOL This class is hosted by award-winning filmmaker, André Joseph.

This class achieves the following:

  • Explains the basic duties of directing an independent film from start to finish.
  • Class is for aspiring filmmakers who want to learn what it takes to be a successful film director.
  • To help aspiring filmmakers separate good scripts from bad ones, how to translate the script into shots with a specific vision, how to communicate with actors and crew, and what a director does after production wraps.

Enroll today:

UNFINISHED BUSINESS – The Sidney Poitier Tribute Part 1

To pay tribute to the legendary Oscar winning actor/director/humanitarian Sidney Poitier, Unfinished Business hosts a special retrospective on his long and historic career marked by so many groundbreaking pictures to ever grace the silver screen. Part 1 of this tribute looks specifically at Mr. Poitier’s directing efforts including BUCK AND THE PREACHER, UPTOWN SATURDAY NIGHT, STIR CRAZY, HANKY PANKY, FAST FORWARD, GHOST DAD, and many more. The next part about his acting career will be covered in the next video.

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