The Silver Screen Action Figure Podcast – TRANSFORMERS

Episode 3 of THE SILVER SCREEN ACTION FIGURE PODCAST is more than meets the eye! Andre´ and Albert discuss Hasbro’s TRANSFORMERS movie action figures with long time fans Charlie Cannon and Tomas Melendez. The group covers the figures inspired by the superior 1986 animated movie as well as the 5 Michael Bay-directed films and the recent Bumblebee solo film. They get into childhood experiences, thoughts on the films, prototypes, the legacy of the brand, and so much more!

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Intro music by Matthew Hackett

THE SAXOPHONIST Wins “Best Director – Drama” at Brightside Film Festival

After two amazing weeks featuring THE SAXOPHONIST at Emerson College, the Creative Arts Night with Moonlight Productions, our Staten Island community center events, yesterday’s Jamaica International Faith Film Fest, and today’s Brightside Film Fest with its wonderful audience reception, it is truly a blessing to be honored with a BEST DIRECTOR award for this truly blessed film. This goes to my brother for life Beavin Lawrence and my incredibly talented cast and crew who made this dream come true. I love you mom and dad and those important in my life today and beyond.

– Andre´ Joseph