The Silver Screen Action Figure Podcast – GHOSTBUSTERS

Episode 2 of THE SILVER SCREEN ACTION FIGURE PODCAST has arrived! In a full roundtable discussion, Andre´ along with Albert Albanese and friends Marcos Cosme, Craig Como, and Michael Schiavo discuss all things GHOSTBUSTERS from its origins to the highly successful animated series that spawned the memorable action figure and firehouse playlet from Kenner. They also get into Extreme Ghostbusters, how Mattel changed the game with their retro sets, and thoughts on the 2016 reboot as well as Jason Reitman’s upcoming sequel. And as a bonus, we discuss feedback on the BATMAN episode as well as this past weekend’s Toy Fair 2019!

01:29 – Batman Feedback and Thoughts
08:10 – Toy Fair 2019
17:29 – Ghostbusters 1984
29:16 – Lawsuit & Filmation’s Ghostbusters
33:03 – The Real Ghostbusters
36:01 – Kenner’s First Wave
42:12 – Wave 2 and Ecto-Plazm
51:56 – The Fire Station
01:01:15 – Janine
01:05:01 – Haunted Humans
01:10:39 – Classic Monsters and Vehicles
01:15:34 – Fearsome Flush
01:17:20 – Later Wave and Sales Decline
01:21:25 – Kenner Prototypes
01:25:52 – Ghostbusters II
01:30:48 – Extreme Ghostbusters
01:36:16 – NECA, Diamond Selects, and Mattel Resurrecting the Brand
01:38:47 – Ghostbusters 2016
01:46:43 – Thoughts on Jason Reitman’s Upcoming Installment
01:50:01 – The Ghostbusters Toys We Wish Existed Back Then
01:53:18 – Wrap Up

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Intro music by Matthew Hackett