Upcoming Music Video from AJ Epyx

We were back in the saddle this past weekend after the big award win for Vendetta Games to shoot the new music video for the incredibly talented Milan of Milan and the Sour Goat! Check out the behind the scenes pics for the upcoming rock/folk video to be released in 2018. Big special thanks to Michael Schiavo, Tamara Therese, Catie Carlton, Albert Albanese, and Milan’s fiancee Ellen for taking part in this fun project! Also a very important thanks to De Cicco’s Tavern in Raritan, NJ!



THE CINEFILES John Singleton Episode 01

The Cinefiles returns after a long hiatus with Jeff Gallashaw and Andre´ Joseph discussing the films of Oscar nominated filmmaker JOHN SINGLETON. In part 1, they disuss his work from the 90s including BOYZ IN THE HOOD, POETIC JUSTICE, HIGHER LEARNING and ROSEWOOD. Eric Cohen and Michael Foltz will return in future installments! But for now, enjoy.