The AJ Epyx Holiday Anniversary Sale

To commemorate our official 10 years as a film production company and to offer our gratitude to the fans and supporters of our work, we are now offering a massive sale on all our most successful titles on DVD at Amazon and Vimeo on Demand. Today you can pick up the perfect gifts to chill at home with for the holidays.

From now until December 31, we are offering sales on the following film titles:


AJ EPYX PRODUCTIONS’ PRICELESS: Free to rent for one week at Vimeo on Demand using the promo code “AJEPYXFREE”.

DV FF Poster
Dishonorable Vendetta (2012)

DISHONORABLE VENDETTA: Now $9.99 (Originally $10.99) for DVD at Amazon and $0.99 to rent for one week at Vimeo on Demand using the promo code “AJEPYX”.


THE EVIL SOCIETY:  $9.95 (Originally $10.99) for DVD at Amazon and free to rent for one week at Vimeo on Demand using the promo code “AJEPYXFREE”.

NIGHT STREAM FF Poster 2015_00000

NIGHT STREAM: Now $9.99 (Originally $12.99) for DVD at Amazon and free to rent for one week at Vimeo on Demand using the promo code “AJEPYXFREE”.

Tempted FF Poster 01
Tempted (2014)

TEMPTED: Now $9.99 (Originally $10.99) for DVD at Amazon with bonus features and $0.99 to rent for one week at Vimeo on Demand using the promo code “AJEPYX”.

We’ll also have updates on upcoming sales at the AJ Epyx Wholesale Store at for all your merchandise needs!

Saxophonist 2017 Teaser
The Saxophonist (2018)

And lastly, if you have a kind heart this holiday season,  please continue to support our post production efforts on our latest short film THE SAXOPHONIST by making a tax deductible donation through our fiscal sponsor, the New York Foundation for the Arts. Click the link for more information.

Happy Holidays from all of us at AJ Epyx Productions!

Upcoming Music Video from AJ Epyx

We were back in the saddle this past weekend after the big award win for Vendetta Games to shoot the new music video for the incredibly talented Milan of Milan and the Sour Goat! Check out the behind the scenes pics for the upcoming rock/folk video to be released in 2018. Big special thanks to Michael Schiavo, Tamara Therese, Catie Carlton, Albert Albanese, and Milan’s fiancee Ellen for taking part in this fun project! Also a very important thanks to De Cicco’s Tavern in Raritan, NJ!



THE CINEFILES John Singleton Episode 01

The Cinefiles returns after a long hiatus with Jeff Gallashaw and Andre´ Joseph discussing the films of Oscar nominated filmmaker JOHN SINGLETON. In part 1, they disuss his work from the 90s including BOYZ IN THE HOOD, POETIC JUSTICE, HIGHER LEARNING and ROSEWOOD. Eric Cohen and Michael Foltz will return in future installments! But for now, enjoy.

New Teaser Poster for THE SAXOPHONIST

We’ve revealed the new teaser poster for our upcoming short film, THE SAXOPHONIST. Starring Beavin Lawrence, Nadya Encarnacion, Michael Anthony Roberts, Zoiea Ohizep, Ann Flanigan, Ron’Netta, and Jarett Smithwrick. Currently in post-production with a planned release for private screenings and film festivals in 2018. Please continue to support our post production efforts by making a tax deductible contribution through our fiscal sponsor website, the New York Foundation for the Arts. You can also learn more about how the fiscal sponsorship and your support will work by going to The Saxophonist Website.

Saxophonist 2017 Teaser


Thank you to everyone who came out on this special night for the Vendetta Games premiere at the Cinemax and El Rey Network-sponsored Urban Action Showcase & Expo! Thank you to the festival and Demetrius Angelo for having us again and putting together an amazing festival that continues to grow every year! Love you family! Here’s to moving forward towards future screenings and potential distribution!

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VENDETTA GAMES Wins Best Urban Action Film at 2017 Urban Action Showcase

We’re so happy to announce in the night before our world premiere at the 2017 Urban Action Showcase that Vendetta Games is now the WINNER for Best Urban Action Film in the Feature Film Competition! Thank you Demetrius Angelo and the Urban Action Showcase for this amazing honor! Congrats to the entire cast and crew! More pics to come soon!

2017-11-10 22.13.30

You can also now check out a brand new episode of The Cinefiles where writer/director Andre´ Joseph and co-host Jeff Gallashaw of Unfinished Business discuss the film and its inspirations at the link below:


Be sure to purchase your passes online ( for tonight’s premiere (November 11) at the AMC theater in Times Square at 9:30pm for the Urban Action Showcase!


Live Life in the Purple Radio Show Interview with Andre´ Joseph (UPDATED)

Tune in to the show LIVE LIFE IN THE PURPLE with MLuV on IBNX Radio TODAY, November 7 at 2:00 pm est. where writer/director Andre´ Joseph will be interviewed about VENDETTA GAMES and the upcoming premiere at the Urban Action Showcase this Saturday! The show will stream LIVE on YouTube: IBNXRADIO/LIVE.

Live Life in the Purple

Don’t forget to order your general admission passes for Saturday’s premiere of Vendetta Games being held at the AMC Empire 25 Theaters in Times Square NYC at


Here’s the link to my interview on the show Live Life in the Purple where I promoted VG. It starts around the 1:08:29 mark:

VENDETTA GAMES Official Press Release

“Vendetta Games” will have it’s World Premiere at the Cinemax and now El Rey Network-sponsored Urban Action Showcase and Expo in exactly 8 DAYS! On Saturday, November 11th, at 9:35pm for Film Block-9 in Theater 10 at AMC Empire 25 Theaters on 234 West 42nd Street at 8th Avenue.
The festival does not sell individual tickets for one specific movie or screening block. Please purchase the general admission pass on the festival website ( Then redeem your printed PayPal receipt at the theater in order to get your festival pass. Also, if you haven’t purchased one yet, you can use passcode “Andre Joseph” on the promo so you can indicate that you an invited guest. If you have already purchased a ticket, THANK YOU.
“VENDETTA GAMES” the sequel to the 2015 Cinemax Urban Action Showcase award winning film, “DISHONORABLE VENDETTA”. The film marks the third feature film to be produced by AJ Epyx Productions. In this new chapter of the series, DEA agents Keith Miller (Corulla, Jr.) and Jason Stokes (Joseph), partners are assigned to protect a casino tycoon’s troubled son (Paul Wallace) after his girlfriend is murdered by Columbian drug dealers. But when the assignment goes tragically wrong, their boss Agent Marks (Carter) takes the blame and gets suspended. To get justice and save their boss’ job, Miller and Stokes go undercover as security for the tycoon’s casino where they uncover ties between the deadly drug dealers and an illegal narcotics operation led by the head of casino security (Bryan Williams).
This film stars Chris Corulla, Jr., J.R. Carter, Drew Henriksen, Bryan Williams, Erin Sanderson, Christina Roman, Emily DeVilla, Paul Wallace, John Farnworth, Richard Lampone, Alyssa Schroeter, Nicholas LaMar, Reginald L. Barnes and its writer/director, Andre´ Joseph. Executive Producers Andre ́ Joseph and J.R. Carter. Cinematography by George Gibson and Associate Producer, Kalen Eriksson. Edited by Eric J. Cohen. Music by Matthew Hackett.
Vendetta Games Poster 2 copy

VENDETTA GAMES Theatrical Trailer from AJ Epyx Productions on Vimeo.

Sean Buttimer’s SMOKE SCREEN at NewFilmmakers NY Fall Series

Tonight was a great night to see Sean Buttimer’s film SMOKE SCREEN where I co-starred opposite Sean and the lovely Aesha Waks at NewFilmmakers NY Fall Series! A very worthy movie to check out in the near future if you haven’t seen it yet. Sean as well as Aesha’s song “Honey” are also featured in VENDETTA GAMES which premieres 9 days from now on November 11 at the Urban Action Showcase & Expo in NYC! Order your pass today by going to