AJ Epyx News & Updates 11/16

We have plenty of news and updates about our current projects as we go forward into 2017:

  • VENDETTA GAMES is near the end of post-production with music and audio work still in progress. We’re looking to have a trailer out after the holidays or sooner.
  • We just started production work on an upcoming documentary about the changes in the dating world over the past 20-30 years.
  • Our next big short film project titled THE SAXOPHONIST was approved for Fiscal Sponsorship through the New York Foundation of the Arts this month. Production will be begin in the later part of 2017. Stay tuned for announcements regarding fundraising, casting, and more!


Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

DISHONORABLE VENDETTA an Official Selection at Grindhouse Planet Film Festival

Grateful and appreciative to have received an honorable Official Selection from the Grindhouse Planet Film Festival in the U.K. for my action thriller DISHONORABLE VENDETTA. Though we were not selected for the screening due to running time for the festival programing, it’s always nice to have some positive recognition for our efforts!

Find out more about the upcoming festival in the U.K. happening on November 27 at their official website: http://www.grindhouseplanet.com/