The CineFiles Podcast: Episode 28

HAPPY HALLOWEEN! The CineFiles are just in time to close out Halloween Month at This is Infamous with an all new podcast where we discuss our five favorite horror/thriller movies of the past five years! Our list plus latest film reviews on movies such as STEVE JOBS and BONE TOMAHAWK, news, and trailers! We also go in depth on the final STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS trailer!

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New VENDETTA GAMES Kickstarter Campaign Launched


In order for AJ Epyx Productions to continue production on the feature length crime thriller VENDETTA GAMES, we have just launched a new Kickstarter campaign to raise funds to complete some very complicated action sequences. While we are only looking to raise a small portion of the film’s proposed budget, this will help us to compensate the crew, cover location fees, and to acquire important props and costumes.

Unlike the Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign we held this past summer, Kickstarter is an all or nothing campaign in which we MUST meet the minimum goal or else we do not earn it. It is very important that we ask for all of our supporters please contribute as much as they possibly can (or at the very least share our link around)! The rewards are just as grand with T-shirts, casino chips, comic books, and more!

The campaign will officially end on November 29. Please visit this Kickstarter link to see the new pitch video with writer/director Andre´ Joseph and the opening scene to the film. If you like what you see, PLEASE DONATE! Thank you!

As always, see the full cast and crew list on IMDB and visit our official Facebook page to see the behind the scenes pics.

TEMPTED to Play at Wesleyan University on Tuesday, November 17


It’s now official: The award nominated short comedy TEMPTED will be playing on Tuesday, November 17 at Wesleyan University! The screening will be held in the Allbritton Center for Public Research and is co-sponsored by the Intra-Greek Council and the Office of Equity and Inclusion at Wesleyan University.

Writer/director Andre´ Joseph will be in attendance to give a Q&A about the movie’s exploration of college fraternity life and will also be taking part in a conversation with the school administration about its themes.

We once again congratulate all the cast and crew for their hard work and helping to take TEMPTED to places we never thought possible!

VENDETTA GAMES J.R. Carter Interview

We’re starting a new webisode series of behind the scenes videos and interviews with the cast and crew of VENDETTA GAMES. This week, we feature an interview with Vendetta Games actor and executive producer J.R. Carter about the making of the upcoming feature length crime thriller from AJ Epyx Productions.

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The CineFiles Podcast: Episode 27

New CineFiles podcast is up at This is Infamous as we continue Halloween Month with a discussion on zombie movies plus new reviews on THE INVISIBLE RAY, FORT TILDEN, POLTERGEIST, THE TURBO KID, THE VISIT and more as well as movie news! Listen over at This is Infamous, like and rate us on iTunes!

Screening Information for DISHONORABLE VENDETA at the Urban Action Showcase Expo

We now have the official screening and ticket information for the special DISHONORABLE VENDETTA screening at this year’s Urban Action Showcase Expo sponsored by Cinemax in New York City! Info is as follows:

Date: Saturday, November 7

Venue: AMC Empire 25 Theaters, Times Square

Screening Block: Film Block 6

Time: 8:24pm – 10:00pm

Entry to the UASE and participation in the Film Festival and Action Expo events requires a General Admission or Showcase Film Pass. The Film Festival Package for $20 will get you into all the screenings from 10am-10pm with exception of the panel discussions and award show. The General Admission Ticket for $30 will get you into all screenings, the expo, and the panels and workshops. All other ticket packages can be found at the official UASE website.

See this UASE promo which announces all the special guests and main attractions!

AJ Epyx Productions Special Announcements Video

We have a very special video from AJ Epyx Productions founder Andre´ Joseph about the recent DVD release and the November screening at Wesleyan University for TEMPTED, the upcoming Urban Action Showcase screening of DISHONORABLE VENDETTA, and the current production status of VENDETTA GAMES. See the video below:

TEMPTED Now on DVD at and CreateSpace eStore!

Not only can you see the critically acclaimed short comedy TEMPTED at Vimeo on Demand, but now you can order the special edition DVD today at and CreateSpace eStore! The disc is packed with special features including the trailer, behind the scenes videos, and a photo gallery slideshow! Own it today along with other great AJ Epyx Productions titles listed in the sidebar of this website!

Tempted at

Tempted at CreateSpace eStore:

We will have more news soon about the special TEMPTED screening at Weslyan University next month!