Casting for Upcoming Crime Drama Feature

AJ Epyx Productions is looking to fill roles for an upcoming crime drama feature film directed by Andre´ Joseph and to be shot in parts of NY and NJ this summer. We are currently seeking the following roles from this character breakdown:

CAUCASIAN MALE, 50s: Owner of an upscale casino establishment. Buoyant and powerful. Yet, his humanity shines through after tragedy. Served in the military during Desert Storm.

MALE, 30s-50s: Pirate drug dealer who steals and kills from fellow competitors. Smooth but vicious when he needs to be.

MALE, 20s-30s: A hot headed rookie working security at the upscale casino.

MALE, 20s-30s: Partners with the male in the above description.

MALES, 30s-40s: Musclemen for the pirate drug dealer.

HISPANIC MALE, 50s: Colombian drug lord.

MALE, 20s-40s: A cocky casino patron who flirts with a card dealer and gets in trouble.

MALE, 30s-40s: State trooper who gets in over his head.

MALE, 40s-50s: Silent man who appears mysteriously around a Justice Department investigator.

HISPANIC MALE, 20s: Kitchen worker at the casino.

FEMALE, LATE 20s-40s: Local news anchor reporter.

Interested actors must be non-union and can submit their headshots and resumes to Auditions will take place during the month of April in NYC.


Milan & The Sour Goat’s Kickstarter Campaign

AJ Epyx Productions had the pleasure of shooting and editing the Kickstarter video for Jersey’s own Milan and the Sour Goat as they seek out to fulfill their bucket list by putting their album “Roots, Rock, Reggae with that East Coast Sound” in vinyl format. They are an amazing band who contributed music to our short film TEMPTED and just recently won a comedy music video award at the Garden State Film Festival.

To see the video and for more info about the band as well as to donate to this great project, visit their Kickstarter page!

TEMPTED and THE DINNER Accepted into the 6th Annual World Music & Independent Film Festival (WMIFF)

Last week we announced our short film THE DINNER was accepted into this year’s World Music & Independent Film Festival in Washington, D.C. and had received 5 WMIFF Award nominations including Best Directors Anna Snead and Andre´ Joseph.

Now we just received even more great news as our recent short comedy hit TEMPTED has also been accepted at this year’s WMIFF event! Not only will it screen BACK-TO-BACK with THE DINNER, but we have also earned 2 WMIFF Award nominations for the following:

Best Supporting Actor in a Short Film: Paul Wallace


Best Director in Short Film: Andre´ Joseph

Andre Joseph

Congrats to Paul and the rest of the TEMPTED cast and crew! The 6th Annual World Music & Independent Film Festival will take place at the US Navy Memorial Museum August 20-21. The formal black tie WMIFF Awards gala will take place at the Crystal City Hilton on Saturday, August 22nd, 2015. Stay tuned for more info about screening date, times, and more!

My Tribute to A.J. Pero

Words cannot express the sadness in my heart for the loss of my friend and Priceless costar A.J. Pero. The world knew him best as the drummer of Twisted Sister and various other bands like Cities, Circle of Thorns, and Adrenaline Mob. I personally knew A.J. has not only a collaborator in my work but also a loving family man who always remained humble about his life.

The first time I met A.J. was when he was a co-host on the Staten Island cable access show, N.Y. Rocks. Back then, I had just graduated college and was knee-deep into pre-production on Priceless, my first independent film of feature length. A mutual friend of mine and A.J.’s invited me on the show and introduced us. A.J. was already aware of my project and expressed his interest in wanting to be involved. I took that as a shock. It was one of the first times in my life where a celebrity in my eyes wanted to work with me!

Priceless Day 11 003

We were having issues casting the role of a Russian mobster who chases after my character in Priceless. A.J. was being considered as an accomplice until I went to his house one day and met his lovely wife, Michelle. I felt an instant sense of comfort around him and his family because A.J. was genuine and really wanted an opportunity to stretch beyond music. After the meeting, I decided to make him the Russian villain; however, there were people involved with my film who felt he was wrong for the part because of his look and lack of experience as an actor. At the end of the day though, it was my film and A.J. was my guy regardless of the critics. He took the role as seriously as any method actor in learning Russian language and doing his best to fill it physically.

Priceless Day 16 002

Everyone on set took a liking to him right away and he showed the same respect to us. He even went as far as getting a birthday cake for my young actress Shelby Reitman when we shot the ending scene that summer. There were also times when A.J. gave his support when times were tough. There was one incident on the shoot where we lost a club location due to a miscommunication with the owner. I confided in A.J. about it and right away he helped us secure the old L’Amours club on the South Shore. He believed in the film that much to do anything to get it done.

AJ in Priceless

A.J. and I grew as close friends after the movie. I attended one of his shows with Circle of Thorns, watched his radio show live once, and watched him record in the studio. He even came to my family’s Christmas party with Michelle the year after we made the movie. My family and their friends were shocked to see how this drummer from the rock music scene was such a positive guy. People do not know that much about his early days studying jazz and taking acting classes as a child. He was always a man of the arts.

Every now and then, A.J. and I would get together over hot tea to discuss script ideas. We managed to complete three of them and the others only got as far as the treatment phase. Even though the business of filmmaking has changed in recent years, A.J. believed we could make big things happen someday. We would dreamcast our stories and look into potential big names he could connect with to get them read. Those are days I’m going to miss the most.

The news of his passing was like a bad dream. Just as I was gearing up for my big premiere for the short film Tempted at the Garden State Film Festival, the news dropped on my Facebook feed. I could not shed the tears, but my heart did. Part of me would have wanted to drop everything and return home. But I could not let loss ruin such a meaningful time in my career. I tried to not only think of the star-reaching conversations that A.J. and I had in the past but also his warm smile. Those thoughts kept my head held high and I was determined to make the festival a success in his honor. When the screening ended and the Q&A session started, I chose to dedicate the night to him.

To me, A.J. Pero took pride in his work and his family. He provided incredible talent on the drums, but it was his warm and positive vibe that made us true friends in life. It’s difficult for me to imagine any other friend like him. Yet, I will cherish our friendship and always remember him as someone who influenced my career and my relations with people in the world. Heavenly Body Real Estate has finally booked their star attraction.

TEMPTED Screening at the Garden State Film Festival

I couldn’t be anymore proud of this past weekend at the Garden State Film Festival. To have Tempted receive a positive response and make the top 20 favorite films list and to see my friends Adam Chinoy and Milan Martin win best comedy music video for Sock Puppet Party was a true blessing for us. And lastly to be in the same room as legends like Ed Asner and Armand Assante us proof that childhood dreams can pay off in your adulthood if you don’t stop believing!

I thank Diane Raver and the Garden State Film Festival for giving us the opportunity to have our work screened in front of an audience and I thank everyone who voted for us on the CineBallot! Hope to have more great news in the coming weeks!

1510434_10100373113279921_5504403599579952861_n 10167977_10153067422471558_6346558279249771949_n 10405548_10155363693830183_1160970809232328573_n 10996509_10155363689215183_7895317493623371067_n 11045438_10155363689670183_3127943601309887445_n 11070068_10153154400708560_1775276305618055663_n screenshot_01

THE DINNER Accepted in World Music & Independent Film Festival


We are very happy to announce that our latest short film, THE DINNER, has been accepted into the 6th Annual World Music & Independent Film Festival! The film has also been nominated in three categories:

Best Actor in a Short Film: Andrew Agner Nichols

Andrew Nichols

Best Actress in a Short Film: Catie Carlton

Catie Carlton

Best Supporting Actor in a Short Film: Danny Dobyns

Danny Dobyns

Best Supporting Actor in a Short Film: Adrian Fernandez

Best Director in Short Film: Andre´ Joseph & Anna Snead


More info coming soon about screening dates, tickets, etc. Here’s the original trailer:

TEMPTED Cast & Crew on NonProductive! Loud Idiots Show

A big special thank you to Ken Smith and the Nonproductive Loud Idiots for having us on their radio show to promote TEMPTED and the upcoming screening at the Garden State Film Festival this Saturday! Anyone who missed this fun show will be able to download the podcast from their website at in a few weeks.

Don’t forget TEMPTED premieres this Saturday at the Garden State Film Festival in the Restorts Casino Hotel Ballroom at 8pm in Screening Block RBR 17!


Dre and Kat

Tempted Film Promo Poster

TEMPTED World Premiere @ Garden State Film Festival Next Week

Next Saturday, March 21, AJ Epyx Productions’ highly anticipated short comedy TEMPTED will premiere as part of the 13th Annual Garden State Film Festival in Atlantic City, NJ! Information for the screening is as follows:

Event: Screening Block BR 17
Venue: Resorts Casino Hotel – Resorts Ballroom
Start Time: Saturday, March 21 @ 8:00 PM
Address: 1133 Boardwalk, Atlantic City, NJ 08401

Tickets are $12 and can either be ordered online at or on the night of the event on a “FIRST COME, FIRST SERVE” basis.

If you want to help us make an even bigger impact at GSFF, vote by casting your e-ballot for TEMPTED as favorite film via text to 51684! See the Garden State Film Festival e-ballot video for all instructions. Remember that TEMPTED’s special number is 351!

And if you have no plans for St. Patrick’s Day evening, be sure to listen in next Tuesday, March 17 at 8:00pm as the director and members of the TEMPTED cast will be appearing live on the Nonproductive Loud Idiots radio show to discuss the film and the upcoming screening! Listen to the show and find more info at this link:


Lastly, for our new website followers, you can see the trailer and behind the scenes videos for TEMPTED below: