THE MID-LEVEL Indiegogo Campaign

‘The Birthing of an Idea’ a promotional comedy short from Joe Thristino on Vimeo.

What exactly is The Mid-Level? Is it a sketch? Is it a short? Is it a ‘skort,’ a made-up combination of the two? Doesn’t matter. As long as you put your eyeballs on it and allow the hilarity to hit you right smack in the frontal lobe, then you can call it whatever you want.

The Mid-Level centers around a (you guessed it) mid-level executive named Martin Haley (played by Dave Lanson) who is visited in his office by returning colleague Sasso (Waliek Crandall). What starts out as a seemingly innocuous ‘buddies catching up’ conversation gradually morphs into inexplicable madness as a blindsided Sasso bears reluctant witness to a series of absurd encounters between Haley and various individuals.  Before we know it, a biochemical third world attack is secretly arranged, the personification of Death makes a cameo, and Vietnames cuisine is mulled over. All in a span of twelve outrageous minutes. Aileen Clark, William Apps and Hugh Buller are set to co-star in this madcap comedy.

Check out our promo video above. Entitled The Birthing of an Idea, it features The Mid-Level screenwriter Joe Thristino struggling with conceiving the idea for the short film. It’s based on true events. And by true, we mean very, very, very, very false.

Directed by Joe Thiristino and Justin Rogers. Produced by Matthew Hackett and Andre´ Joseph. Director of Photography Justin Rogers. Music by Matthew Hackett.

Please help and support this Staten Island-based short comedy THE MID-LEVEL to reach its fundraising goal via Indiegogo! Also check out the campaign video shot and co-starring yours truly!


Pics from the Night Stream Premiere @ Anthology Film Archives

Thank you to everyone who braved icy weather and cold winds for the Night Stream premiere tonight! What an amazing night and reception to remember. For those who couldn’t attend, I sympathize due to impending turkey day. But man did you all miss out on the AMAZING BASS BLASTING SOUND MIX in the theater! George Lucas would be proud. Keep you all updated on future screenings and have safe Happy Thanksgiving!

Long Island Filmmakers TV Show w/Guest Star Andre´ Joseph (Highlight Reel)

Highlights from an in-depth interview with director/writer/actor Andre’ Joseph conducted by Greg Pursino on the Long Island Filmmakers TV Show. They discuss everything from career beginnings, filming in Long Island, the state of the entertainment industry, and Andre’s upcoming releases DISHONORABLE VENDETTA and NIGHT STREAM.

For those of you in the Long Island community, you can check out Andre´ Joseph’s upcoming guest appearance on Greg Pursino’s L.I. Filmmakers TV Show on the following dates and cable outlets:

Dec. 2 – Brookhaven and parts of Islip @ 12am on Cablevision.

Dec. 4 – Nassau County and parts of Islip @ 4:30pm on Channel 20.

Night Stream premieres at Anthology Film Archives at the NewFilmmakers NY Fall Series November 27 @ 7pm block.

Wilma Jones – The Living Happier After Community

Our latest video edited and narrated by Andre´ Joseph! Wilma Jones is the leader of The Living Happier After Community where she motivates, inspires and empowers women to live happier after divorce. The community is all about having the Courage to Manage Your Mind allowing you to start living your ideal live and be a better co-parent if you have children.