NIGHT STREAM Wraps Principal Photography!

Well it was quite a journey to get here but production has finally wrapped on NIGHT STREAM! I want to thank all of our Indiegogo contributors, our amazing crew, the highly talented cast which includes Aesha Waks, Reginald L. Barnes, Erin Marie Adams, and Cara D’Adamo! I also want to thank Peter Longshanks and Woodly Aurelus for their help and support throughout the way as well as La Morena de la Rosa for letting us film at The Gringo Bar in Freeport, NY! 2013 is gonna be a very special year for AJ Epyx Productions indeed!

The ANNOUNCEMENT You Have All Been Waiting For!


Cool Multimedia Group has entered into a contract with Goliath Arts Promotions for the worldwide distribution of DISHONORABLE VENDETTA! Goliath has various platforms such as online, mobile, set-top box and sells to major networks internationally, such as HBO in Europe, Czech, Poland, and other open doors for sales.

We would like to personally thank Mr. Marc Altman for supporting us throughout the production of the film as well as negotiating the distribution deal with Goliath; Mr. Rico Mancini for busting his behind for nearly three years spending endless nights in the post-production process while absorbing a great deal of knowledge in color correction, special effects, and 3D animation in addition to composing a hard hitting musical score; Dr. Alfred C. Joseph who has supported me in pursuing my dreams of becoming a talented filmmaker; and finally our amazing cast and crew who devoted their time and talent into making DISHONORABLE VENDETTA the success that it is today. I also want to thank my mom, my cousins, my friends, and all of our national as well as international fanbase on Facebook and Twitter who have witnessed our long journey to reach this ultimate goal.

We will have more information in regards to future screenings, airings, and availability on all media platforms in the weeks and months to come!

Introducing the NIGHT STREAM Voiceover Cast

The cast of actors playing the various callers in the short film NIGHT STREAM:

Lou Kodza plays the voiceover role of “Chris” the man who knows his way with women in Night Stream.

Jeff Gallashaw of The Cinefiles and Unfinished Business plays the voiceover role of “Phil” the anti-fan in Night Stream.

Catalina Liriano plays the voiceover role of “Randi” the articulate woman who dates outside her race in Night Stream.

 Lilly Ryan plays the voiceover role of “Sarah” the groupie in Night Stream.
 More names to be announced very soon!