Month: September 2011

AJ Epyx Special Message for September 2011

A very special message from Andre’ Joseph of AJ Epyx Productions on the current post-production status of Dishonorable Vendetta, the announcent of our “Instruments of Destruction” sub-division company, and a possible re-release of one of our earlier efforts for DVD.

Sleigh Bells in Springtime Book Trailer

This is the book trailer Jessica R. Kratz’s eco-friendly story for children of all ages, Sleigh Bells in Springtime: Frogs Calling. The book is now available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, the ebook library at MagicBlox, and wherever books are sold. This trailer was shot and edited by AJ Epyx Productions.


Returning to the classics, this is a short music video-esque project I shot for a media production class at Emerson College back in 2005. Shot on location in Brooklyn, NY with a Sony DCR-TRV120. Featuring “The Beggar” by Mos Def (NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT INTENDED).