New Dishonorable Vendetta Merchandise at the AJ Epyx Shop

Check out the brand new Dishonorable Vendetta pajamas, keychains, charm bracelets, and other items at the AJ Epyx Shop today!

Dishonorable Vendetta Post-Production Update

For those who have been asking about the status of our current film, Dishonorable Vendetta, we are done filming. However, we’re still in the process of editing, color correction, and visual effects. But we do hope to have the film completed very soon and trust me when I tell you that it will be well worth the wait!

New Dishonorable Vendetta Actor Inteviews

Check out the brand new interviews with Dishonorable Vendetta’s leading lady, Lisa Weldon, and the hard working, up and coming actor, Drew Henriksen! More major updates to come in the next few weeks!